• Breaking Mental Health Stigma

    Sometimes the idea of “going to therapy” can make people feel apprehensive about how others will view them. “Am I crazy? I don’t need that! You’re seeing a therapist, what’s wrong with you? Therapy doesn’t work, I should be able to figure it out on my own! What will my family think of me…”

    Going to therapy does not make you or anyone “less than” another person. The concept of personal growth and progression as a human being and how to go about this is entirely in your hands and should be your decision because no one else is walking in your shoes through life. Many people seek a therapist even just to have someone to talk or vent to about their everyday life stressors or even difficult family members. Therapy is a safe place to be your raw self, we all need someone to talk to- even therapists! Choose health and choose happiness, if therapy is one step close to achieving that, then what are you waiting for?

    Common Reasons people seek therapy:

    Work stress

    Life stress and guidance

    Childhood/adult trauma

    Diagnosed mental health issues


    Desire to become a better person



    Romantic relationships

    Gender identity

    Sexual issues

    Mood swings

    Big life decisions

    Mood swings

    Self Esteem

    Divorce and pre-marital counseling

    And much more… sometimes you just feel like you need to talk to someone in a safe and non-judgemental space