• Mary Waalk

    RN,BSN, M.Ed for Psy. M LMFT

    What a strange and sometimes scary world it is we live in. The last few years have been challenging for so many of us and you may be looking for help navigating emotions, stressors, life changes, and/or alternative coping mechanisms that are simply no longer working. For some of us, these barriers are not new, and you have been longing for some guidance for some time now. Whether you are just looking for someone to talk to, uncover unhealthy coping habits, dealing with painful life experiences, or a host of other burdens, I hope to help you through your journey. I am a graduate student working toward my license as an LMFT with over twenty years experience in the medical field as a registered nurse. My own life struggles, vast years of experience in emergency medicine, love for psychology and compassion and understanding I hold for all has led me to my career as a therapist. Your life experiences have made you who you are today, and I am excited to hear about your hopes, dreams, and fears so that we can unravel what is important to you and your goals in a judgement free space. My services will be offered at no cost for a short period so let’s get started on your next step. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.